Strava is a cycling, running, and training app with an engaged, global community. Athletes use the app to document and track workouts but also to share progress and cheer each other on. The Strava Blog, on the other hand, is where athletes go to find inspiration, training hacks, and general trends and themes, like what athletes on the app are eating after workouts ("The Story of a Week of Eating, as Told by Activity Titles”) or how the emojis athletes use in their posts tell us about the sport they participate in and where they live ("Emojis Speak Louder Than Words”).


3, 2, 1 GO!

To encourage engagement on a third platform–Instagram–Strava created a social media guide focused on Stories, detailing best practices, tips and tricks for getting athletes psyched and motivated.

I collaborated with their in-house design and marketing team to create a series of animations and illustrations showcasing the basic tenants of Instagram Story creation, based on real content from athletes that use the app.


Created at Team Studio